IKARIA Bouldering & Climbing FESTIVAL 2019!

Save the date for this astonishing upcoming event, on 15-17 June 2019.

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Bouldering Ikaria Mini Festival 2015

The first bouldering mini festival has taken place in Ikaria on 24-28 th October 2015, when the first climbers visited the island to get to know the new bouldering parks and discover this new climbing paradise.

Some of Greeceā€™s most notable climbers met at this mini festival, like Christoforos Agorastoudis and Chris Daniel who collaborated in the first ascent of several project routes, winning the first prizes of the competition. This first attempt of a mini festival was a success, as climbers left with the best of impressions and local institutions and entrepreneurs embraced the whole project. This was the beginning for a great future of alternative tourism on the island of Ikaria.